How to handle sales critters

Hey, support techs! Tired of lying sales jerks who promise the Moon to customers, knowing that there are no consequences and that you'll be the one to catch Hell when the impossible promises can't be kept? I have a potential solution to that.

If a sales critter puts into a contract something that is outside of the normal correct parameters for the supported product, and if you as support personnel manage to deliver on the impossible, you receive the commission for the sale. It comes right out of the responsible sales party's pocket.

I guarantee you, Sales would keep themselves educated and coordinate potential odd contract enhancements if this was the case.
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Another for the record.

I would also like to go on the record as having said, seriously, the following:
If you are afraid that either Satan or Charles Darwin is negatively influencing your children or the children of your nation or religion? You are either ignorant, an idiot, or both.

Thank you.

Reviews of things that don't go together

Two of these things are not like the other; both of these things do not belong...

Seriously, over the weekend, I took in two different pieces of media. I suppose they could be more wildly different than one another than they are, but it would take some work to achieve. Herein, I will be giving you my opinions as a consumer of media on both. Your mileage may vary, but if it does, we travel very differently.

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In the other direction, I also saw GI Joe: the Rise of Cobra.Collapse )

Status update: Up the Motherboard

So, things have been slip-sliding around here lately. There've been unexpected turns, generally when the projected plan of battle is first exposed to the opposing side. (Sun Tzu represent, Far East side, MFers.)

Currently, we're cutting all possible financial ties with the national bank that bought out the one we had been using. We're quite happy with Texans Credit Union, for those interested in going that route. Membership has its privileges, indeed.

We can thank TXU for the need to replace Ali's desktop computer. A sudden and obnoxious blackout last night seems to have been the last straw. The response plan to this is to laterally shift a computing resource, retasking her laptop as a desktop replacement. The desktop's hard drives will be put into external enclosures and put back into service as file shares, hopefully sooner rather than later. Hopefully, the data on them has not been affected. As Ali's birthday is almost upon us, she is taking this opportunity to provide herself with a lighter, faster laptop that will be Windows 7 ready. Should be in her hands in a couple of days. Just for added fun, it's purple. If a person is going to get a computer for her birthday, she ought to be happy with it in as many ways as possible, no?

Finances are okay as they currently stand. Some desired projects are taking a step or two back in line, but it will all work out well based on current plans.

So, how's by you?