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Long, lightless night

Tonight, for the first time since 1638, Luna's light will vanish on the Long Night. This is my only Yuletide tradition, but it is particularly apt tonight. I'll be asleep for most of the event, sadly.

My Lady:

In this, the time of the deepest darkness of the year, you await the birth of Your holy Son, the child of the Consort, the new Sun King. The warmth of Your Lord has passed, the harvest taken, His body cut down, His face but a memory. In this time, many fall to despair. There is fear in the dark, and in being alone.

You are not alone. You have never been alone. You will never be alone.

We are with You.

We stand with You in the darkness as we have stood with You in the light. In the Spring, we rejoiced with You in the sacred marrige with the Consort. In the Summer, we celebrated the life all around us and the glory of Your King in His prime. In the Autumn, we mourned with You as He fell, and gave thanks to Him for His sacrifice that we all might live. Now in the Winter, we remain with You. We are here to nuture the life within You. We stand by Your side, holding the light for You and Your Son. We stand watch over You in the darkness til the return of the light. We hold the light for the Sun King. His light will never fade, His fire will never die. As You have stood for us, so we stand for You. Your enemies circle and wait their moment to strike, but You need never fear. No matter how they turn their hands against You, we will always be there, Your sword and shield. None shall pass.

We are with You.

We are Your family, Lady. We have been here with you for as long as we can remember. When you were the young Maiden, we were there. In the heart of Your joy as the Mother, we are here. When the Wheel turns and you are the Elder, we will remain and tend Your fires. When the time comes for us to stand and walk forth into the darkness, we will walk together. We know You are with us, just as we remain with You in this, Your dark part of the year.

We are with You.

So mote it be.
Tags: pagan, solstice, yule
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