Traveler Farlander (twfarlan) wrote,
Traveler Farlander

Sitrep: Operation: Life

Time for a status report. Let's take a quick snapshot of me as I am now for future reference.

First of all, I'm currently 34 years old, living in Texas, married for roughly the past 7.5 years to my darling Ali. I'm actively polyamorous, in an LDR for the past 2.75 years with a stunning woman who must remain nameless. Ali is newly involved with a woman on whom she has had a crush for quite a bit of time. We're both thrilled for one another. Of the two, I'm far more blessed; Ali has a relationship with only one gorgeous woman. I'm involved with two. (I win.)

There are two step-daughters, with three children each. The elder is married and working in retail management. The younger is unwed and is likely to enter work study in an Ivy League school in pursuit of a degree in sustainable civil engineering. I've also got a spiritual daughter, who is a professional software engineer. She is married to an old friend who is now in the midst of his studies as a fledgling nuclear mate for the US Navy. I'm quite proud of them both.

I'm employed, which these days isn't doing too bad. I'm not very underemployed, though I certainly feel under-appreciated for what I do around the place. Between Ali and me, we make enough money to live comfortably for our standards. More would be nice. The ability to live at this standard without having to work would just about do.

I haven't been able to role-game at a tabletop for the past several years. I miss it.

I have friends. Around half are local; the other half, I don't get to see nearly often enough.

I own a house, or rather am paying off a loan. Four cats live with us.

There are one, maybe two things that would make my life happier than it is now. I can't complain, though.
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