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Little over a year ago, I made my suggestions about what should be done with the legacy of the Batman family. Grant Morrison was going to shake things up, talking about killing off the Bat, and I went on the record as saying, "Good, hurry up, and here are some suggestions about who should pick up which pieces." Looking at things now, I guess I was about half right.

My first suggestion was that Bruce Wayne had to go, eliminated in a way that the fans could accept. Well, having Bruce and Darkseid kill one another is about the only way most of the fans could stand. It was either that or settle the "Superman vs Batman" Ultimate Battle of Ultimate Destiny argument, and that'll never happen. Point for me.

My second suggestion was that Dick Grayson, the first Robin and later Nightwing, should take on the mantle of the Bat. Point for me, and for all the right reasons. Dick knows every hero in the business and keeps in touch with them as much as possible.

My third suggestion regarded the role of Robin. I felt that Tim Drake, the current Robin at the time, should have retained the title. Well, I'd say I got half a point there. He actually took over the "Red Robin" title from Jason Todd, who had discarded it in a failed attempt to co-opt the place of the fallen Batman. Tim is convinced that Bruce is still alive and is seeking to find him. He's still a Robin if not the Robin, and he's keeping the name "Wayne" active in the DCU. Red Robin, by the way, was an Earth-Two character name, so the legacy of turning a Robin into a Red Robin after the death of Bruce Wayne continues.

Fourth was Batgirl, and on this one, I lost outright. Cassandra Cain tossed away the mantle. Her current whereabouts are unknown. However, my fifth suggestion, I take half-credit, as my thought that Stephanie Brown would graduate from the Spoiler persona came true. I had thought she would pick up as Nightwing, a title that was apparently gifted upon a Kryptonian (it's another nod to comics history, don't ask now), but instead, she is the new Batgirl. Seems DC took all those Steph fans I mentioned seriously, because they've given her a monthly title of her own. I've heard no negative grumblings at the idea of Steph being the new Batgirl, though correct me if I've missed some bitching out there from the Professionally Disgruntled. I actually like this turn of events better for Steph than the idea of going on as Nightwing. Cass Cain was humorless; Stephanie's characterization is more like a counterpoint to Barbara Gordon's during her time as the second Batgirl as opposed to Cain's mirror image. (Yes, there was a Batgirl before Babs. Go read.)

So, I didn't do too badly, tallied up as I have. I'm not thrilled with who is wearing Robin's mask right now, but I'll let it go. I'm not reading any of the Bat-titles anyway, so it isn't like I've been voting with my dollars.
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