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29 July 2009 @ 12:20 pm
Status update: Up the Motherboard  
So, things have been slip-sliding around here lately. There've been unexpected turns, generally when the projected plan of battle is first exposed to the opposing side. (Sun Tzu represent, Far East side, MFers.)

Currently, we're cutting all possible financial ties with the national bank that bought out the one we had been using. We're quite happy with Texans Credit Union, for those interested in going that route. Membership has its privileges, indeed.

We can thank TXU for the need to replace Ali's desktop computer. A sudden and obnoxious blackout last night seems to have been the last straw. The response plan to this is to laterally shift a computing resource, retasking her laptop as a desktop replacement. The desktop's hard drives will be put into external enclosures and put back into service as file shares, hopefully sooner rather than later. Hopefully, the data on them has not been affected. As Ali's birthday is almost upon us, she is taking this opportunity to provide herself with a lighter, faster laptop that will be Windows 7 ready. Should be in her hands in a couple of days. Just for added fun, it's purple. If a person is going to get a computer for her birthday, she ought to be happy with it in as many ways as possible, no?

Finances are okay as they currently stand. Some desired projects are taking a step or two back in line, but it will all work out well based on current plans.

So, how's by you?
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Kat: catcrossespawskatmoonshaker on July 29th, 2009 06:14 pm (UTC)
I'm going to send "Get Here Fast!™" thoughts.
Ace Lightning: at computeracelightning on July 30th, 2009 04:28 am (UTC)
get yourselves a UPS, so that the next power failure won't fry any more computer bits. in addition to the computers themselves, all monitors, routers, modems, KVM switches, powered USB hubs, etc. - everything but printers - should draw power from the UPS, not directly from the wall.

and i want a purple computer!
(Deleted comment)
Ace Lightning: on the beachacelightning on July 31st, 2009 08:33 am (UTC)
what a lot of people don't realize is that the circuitry in a consumer-grade surge suppressor/power strip isn't permanent. the semiconductor device that prevents the over-voltage from getting to the equipment takes some damage from severe spikes, and eventually loses its ability to protect the equipment. however, the little green light on the power strip will still indicate that you are "protected", even though you aren't! it's recommended that you simply buy new suppressors every couple of years. (you can still use the old ones as multi-outlet extension cords; they just don't do anything to block sudden spikes in voltage.)

the UPS should have caught that spike, though. maybe it was just your computer's time to die... :-(