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01 February 2009 @ 01:05 am
  • 12:43 I am blessed by Aphrodite and Athena. This much, I never doubt. #
  • 12:46 @Valkyr101 Arguable. What I am not is thankless or full of enough hubris to fail to recognize the contribution of the divine. #
  • 13:21 @crypticscholar You have my apologies for any negative contribution(s) to your week that I have made. #
  • 13:25 @crypticscholar Not flattering, but true nevertheless. I'm not proud of being an agent of necessity, but I'm accepting of it. #
  • 16:01 Voicemail greeting fixed. I no longer sound like a whispered message from beyond the grave. Now, it just sounds like I'm annoyed. #
  • 16:02 @Valkyr101 I'd say it's at least accurate, but apparently, my normal mode of speech is both whispery AND annoyed-sounding. #
  • 16:51 @Sqwabbit Ground, center, shield. #
  • 17:42 I need an artist one step worse than "starving." I need hunger to have gotten good to an artist. I need a pro-ana artist or something. #
  • 17:43 This concludes today's "Wrong Fucking Thing to Say." Join us tomorrow when we attempt to cause an international incident in two syllables. #
  • 17:54 @bronxelf :O !!!!! #
  • 17:56 @wilw Let me guess: You will star in a live-action adaption of Gabe and Tycho's Grim Shado Sorcelator series. You will take it to the max. #
  • 18:05 @bronxelf You... you... but... well... Damn. :) You know some of the coolest people, I swear. #
  • 18:11 @Sqwabbit Two words: Alien Invasion. #
  • 18:13 @wilw Avoid the #1 fanfic failing: Marty Stu. Wait, it's Sorcelator. No one would be able to tell a Marty Stu from a regular character. #
  • 22:46 @Sqwabbit o.O Who asked you to? #
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