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22 November 2008 @ 04:48 pm
I want to tell you a tale.  
I have a story in my head. Okay, it's not in my head exactly, aside from being a pattern of neurons firing in the right sequence to trigger previous thoughts I've had of it as memories. It's in my mind. woo-eee-ooo

It is a tale ... Okay, yes, I have more than ONE story in my head mind, just shut the hell up and listen.

It is a tale of a girl, a lonely girl who was sad, and the odd chain of events that made sure she never would be sad or lonely ever again.

It is a tale set in a world of truly "super" heroes, of vile villains, of daring-do and daring-don't.

It is relatively coherent, internally consistent, and serially continuous and continuitous.

The dramatis personae are stereotypes and archetypes on first glance, revealing their humanity over time even as the specific traits and characteristics grow and change due to the passage of time and the history of events in their lives.

It is a drama told comedically. It is also a drama told comically, graphically... graphic novelly, even.

It is... not freakin' well going to happen since I lack artistic ability of any kind, connections with anyone would would have the time and drive to work on something like this, and either the ambition or the burning need to create to force me out into the wide world to find someone with the necessary talent who WOULD want to work on it.

Imagine it, though: a comic book with a beginning, a coherent direction, and a definitive endpoint. The journey would matter as much as the destination, but you would know, KNOW, that there would be no marketing-driven changes or retcons based on trying to keep on telling the same stories over again to new audiences thirty years after the characters lost all relevance.

There would be silliness, there would be heartbreak, there would be growth and change and true characterization rather than just static characters behind logos.

If I only had the noive.
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Ace Lightning: brainacelightning on November 23rd, 2008 05:18 am (UTC)
you certainly have the talent to write it; you just need someone who can draw. (i can't draw either.) and, even though i generally don't even notice, let alone read, comics or "graphic novels", i'd read this one.