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23 June 2008 @ 10:10 am
Ethics/results noodling  
Got a hypothetical question for you, oh my gentles.

Say you knew from experience that you could have anything, quite literally any possible thing you asked for, simply for the asking. You know for absolutely certain that you will receive exactly, word for word, the results for which you ask. If you want to think of it as a magic wish, go ahead.

Anything possible under the sun, just by asking. Any result. You want a job? A specific one? One currently held by someone else? You want a car? You want money? You want a LOT of money? For any reason at all, selfish or not? You want someone's love? A specific person? You want someone dead? Today? Ask. It shall be yours.

Now, here's the twist: once you have what you have asked for, it will go wrong from there. I don't mean that the shine wears off or that your desire dulls. I mean that the situation will spoil, will utterly decay out from under you and become horrid. You could always ask for another wish to rectify things, yes... but then, that will decay, too. Someone pays for the ride. Someone always pays for the ride. It isn't always you... but someone pays.

Can you think of anything that would be worth it? Why, or why not? You know that the dark turn of events is due to your method, so does guilt enter into it for you? What if you're the one who pays, does that make it easier or change your mind?
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Ace Lightning: toiletacelightning on June 24th, 2008 11:20 am (UTC)
if it were as simple as, "you can cause something very good to happen to someone else, if you accept that something terrible will happen to you," of course i'd do it. i've done it IRL several times already. but, of course, your question isn't that simple. if i wished for something good to happen to someone i care about, with the thought in mind that i'd take the bad stuff... that would pretty much insure that i'd have to watch helplessly as something different but still bad happened to the person i'd wished good things for.

which is one reason i'm very careful how i use magick.