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06 June 2008 @ 04:37 pm
Phanean tenet #5  
It's been a little while since I added to the record of the Phanean tenets. I believe I last left off with #4, which was "It won't fix itself; only you can fix it."

Today, I'd like to give you #5 : "Remember yesterday, plan for tomorrow, but live for today."

This is a corollary to the third tenet, which is, "Live, just live." So often, we get wrapped up in things other than the now. We remember slights to us in the past. We think about what we will do to avoid such a thing happening again, or how to avoid the person who caused us pain, or even thinking towards avenging ourselves. We look back in life on happier times and think, "That was the high point of my life, and it's all downhill from there." If you believe that, then what you have there is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Who can say what tomorrow will bring? What glories may lie ahead, in a world that changes "imaginary" into "tangible" as often as the world changes from night into day?

We are not served by forgetting what has happened. It is not in our best interest to go blithely along, assuming that our lives will just take care of themselves without our intervention. Of all the things we can do to harm ourselves, however, the highest is to forget to live, to experience the moment, to let life slip past without comprehension or care.

History shapes us into what we are. The future is the unveiled realm of what we could be. This moment, every moment, is THE moment, the only moment. Enjoy it while it lasts, take pleasure in having had it, and look forward to having another.
Current Mood: blessed
Ace Lightning: spaceacelightning on June 7th, 2008 01:05 am (UTC)
"whatever tomorrow brings, i'll be there, with open arms, and open eyes..."