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04 October 2007 @ 09:08 pm
The seven interests meme  
Found by gridlore, post a comment to this entry and I will take seven entries from your LJ interests list and ask you to describe them.

The ones chosen for me are found under the cut tag.

breeding licenses: I have mentioned in the past that I think we could solve several pressing issues by instituting a combination of testing and screening for both breeding and parenting. Overpopulation, many hereditary diseases and conditions, unwanted pregnancies, a good deal of the poverty that goes along with huge families wrought by people who cannot afford them, the ecological footprint of the industrial world, these are all things that could be reduced or eliminated through careful screening and licensing based on several factors. I went into detail at least once elsewhere, so I include a link to that previous posting here.

humor writing: I am fascinated by humorists. I covet he ability to take the world as it is, dry facts and human absurdities all, and present them in a way that not only makes the reader laugh but also opens his eyes.

middle pillar: Occult theory tends to polarize ideas and practices into dualistic themes. That which brings us into oneness with the Divine is "right-hand path," whereas that which deifies the self is "left-hand path." Black and white, light and dark, male and female, yin and yang, and so on. I believe that these divisions are counter-productive. There is something to learn from everything, and no one way works best for everyone. For that, I choose the middle path. If the choice is light or dark, I choose twilight.

Phaneanism: This is the name of my philosophy of life. I can approach it as a religion and there are those who do; for me, it works best as a philosophy without the trappings of religion. The central tenet is, "Whatever works," encompassing ideas like, "An it harm none, do as thou wilt," "Your kink is okay, it just isn't my kink," etc. Basically, just live. Leave me to my life, and I'll leave you to yours.

transhumanity: This is a term used to refer to an overarching theory of the future evolution of humankind into post-humankind. It is an umbrella term for all those propositions, proposals, and imaginings of how humankind will change into something so utterly different than what we are now that current humankind would be unable to recognize ourselves in these descendants. Typically, the tipping point of this is identified as the Singularity, the point past which our technology and understanding are improving so rapidly that we step beyond anything of which we can currently conceive from the limited perspective of the pre-Singularity world . A general overview of the major points can be found on Wikipedia in this article.

tyranny: I am not a big believer in democracy. Democracy as we practice it in the USA is one big high school popularity contest. The masses make any decisions that the rich don't care about making for them. It's never-ending bread and circuses. Me, I believe in the efficacy of a central executive a la Hobbes.

witchcraft: The "Craft of the Wise," they've called it. I will work with whatever does work. Witchcraft isn't just "magic." It means reading people, knowing how to reach them and, when necessary, how to manipulate things to work out a certain way. Psychology, an understanding of body language, knowing how to figure the odds and weight them in your favor, it's all involved. There is the changing of perception to improve understanding. Then there is magic. If something works, I want to know why. I want to know if the motions I go through actually cause change, or if it's a coincidence.
Krazie Russkie: Sin Citydalen_talas on October 5th, 2007 04:54 am (UTC)
I wholeheartedly agree on the subject of breeding licenses and tyranny.