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20 June 2007 @ 12:44 pm
Flyers in the war on Heaven  
When you talk about going up against religion, you're talking about one hell of a serious undertaking, pun intended. Attacking a religion means, so far as its adherents will see things, attacking the people. No matter how much you may love the sucker but hate the suck, they're going to feel like you're getting in their personal space and spitting on their favorite shirt. When you flip the bird to God, you're flipping it to all the angels and saints, the clergy and laity and all the camp-followers of the Heavenly Host.

It's a massive undertaking you're considering, ending the reign of God over the Earth. Attacking the faith itself or even its organization, its body per se, is not going to work out the way you hope. Ask the Catholic Church what lessons they learned on that one; cut the priesthood of the rival faiths under you like wheat before the thresher and seeds will find root, trampled into the furrows of society by your own iron boots and watered with the blood of the martyrs you create. Attack a faith directly and all you assure is that there will be an underground faith that will resent you until the end of time. You will never destroy them all; you can't. Ideas return, and even if you think you've gotten every last drop of heathen blood, someone down the line will pick up the cast-away sword and shield and claim it as his own. Someone will raise that flag again, and the pole will be tipped with the point of a spear leveled right at you.*

Don't be discouraged. All things that begin will end, and religion is no different. No. Religion begins to serve a need. Whether the stories of the faith explain the world and its workings or if the clergy fills a governmental role, there is a reason for every religion's beginning.

To fight a religion, you do not attack the religious. Think of it less as a fight and more of a marketplace. You find the need for the religion and fulfill it. Make the need obsolete or, if that's not possible, provide a better service and fulfill that need better than your competition.

* The parallels to my own thinking here have not escaped me.
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