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20 September 2006 @ 02:57 pm
A problem for all of us, indeed  
Okay, I'm willing to listen if anyone can explain this to me. UK Home Secretary John Reid was heckled during a speech regarding Muslim extremism.

No, that isn't what I need explained to me. What I'm taking issue with are two quotes from near the end of the article. The first is from Massoud Shadjareh, chair of the Islamic Human Rights Commission. His quote is in response to Mr. Reid suggesting that Muslim parents need to be prepared to report situations where extremists were found attempting to "radicalize" children in the Muslim community, grooming them for futures as extremist fighters and suicide bombers. Mr. Shadjareh's response is that Mr. Reid's "demands are unrealistic and not demanded from any other community." He goes on to say that the UK government's own policies are heavily to blame for radicalization, and that the government needs to stop finger-pointing and "recognize the root causes and its own responsibility."

First off, Mr. Shadjareh, when we see high numbers of Christian suicide bombers, we'll be having these same conversations with them, okay? In the meantime, let's all recognize that address Muslim parents regarding Muslim children growing up to be radical Muslim fundamentalists is reasonable. Second, I'd like to know what policies the UK government is endorsing that are responsible for causing Muslim kids to grow up hating other people and turning them into fundies. If it's support for Israel, well, I'm not sure that's going to change. It's also no cause for violence.

The second quote I'm having a problem with comes from shadow attorney general Dominic Grieve, who suggests that the home secretary needs to recognize that Muslim extremism is a problem for us all, not just for the Muslim community.

Umm, no shit, Sherlock? Of course it's a problem for us all. However, who has uninterrupted access to these kids other than their parents? What solution do you suggest other than addressing the parents? Sending the kids to special brainwashing facilities so they're brainwashed the way you like rather than the way you don't? Ban religion? Okay, that one is a rational solution, but we don't have time to let these things work themselves out over the next few generations.
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